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One of gaming’s most beloved and recognizable series, Final Fantasy, has been around for over 30+ years; gracing their loyal fanbase with excellent JRPG content, spiky hair, giant swords, exhilarating stories, and some of the best music in games. So join Tuong and his level 99 party of magical anime warriors (with a touch of teen angst) Spencer Moreland, Joshua Mayo, and Mariel Martinez-Smallwood as they ride up on their Chocobos and rank Top 5 Final Fantasy Songs!

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Ground Rules

  • Music must come from Final Fantasy (duh)
  • Spin offs from the movie (ie Advent Children FF7) or games (ie Tactics) would technically count
  • Covers or remixes of songs that are not official do not count (ie YouTube remix of an FF song does not count but the Final Fantasy 7 Remake version of a song DOES count)
  • Big one here is that we have NOT played every Final Fantasy game. Therefore, there’s a big gap of songs missing from FF1-5. That said, we believe there is a TON of great music/the best music that comes after those games.


Greetings travellers! This list compiles all our favourite final fantasy songs in one mega playlist. This might not include some of your choices since as a group we haven’t played every final fantasy, but we hope you enjoy listening to some our favourites including our Top 5 and honourable mentions!

Group Top 5

5. The Castle (FF8)

4. The Opera (FF6)

3. To Zanarkand (FFX)

2. Those who Fight (FF7)

1.Liberi Fatali (FF8)


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