Month: April 2017

05 – Top 5 Pixar Moments

“To Infinity and Beyond”/
“42 Wallaby Way, Sydney”/
“Where’s my super suit?!”/
“Who’s your friend who likes to play…BING BONG BING BONG!”/

(are you excited yet?)

That’s right folks, this week Tuong La and special guests Leslie Cserepy, Samantha Leggatt, and Matt Barrow are talking Pixar!

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04 – Top 5 Practical Super Powers for Everyday Life

Tired of people talking about superheroes and superpowers? Well that’s awkward because we have a group of people who LOVE that shit. Putting a spin on the classic “What’s the best superpower?” argument, (Captain) Tuong La and The Ranked Avengers Angus MacDonald, Stephen Peeling, and Rich Hilborn hash out what the best PRACTICAL superpowers are for everyday life. Join our rag tag Justice League in this action packed episode where we geek out hard on the minutia of what makes a good superpower and rank them!

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