Month: October 2017

00 – Improv Punch Up’s Test Episode!

Hey fellow PodCavern friends!

We are creating a new podcast for the PodCavern (about time!) and we need to work out some kinks before we release the show! This is strictly test audio so we can submit our feed to all your favorite podcast players. Stay tuned for more details.

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18 – Top 5 Real Life Scary, Spooky, Horror Stories

The Halloween madness continues with spine tingling true tales of terror! Gather around the campfire and join Tuong La “Mort”, Angus “The Murderer” MacDonald, Catherine Ball”SLASH”ley, and Taylor “The Phantom” Fleming as they spin dark stories of murders, mysteries, and mayhem.

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17 – Top 5 Spooky Characters

October is here and so is the kickoff to our month of Halloween themed Ranked episodes! Join Tuong La and terrifyingly bone-chilling guests Leslie Cserepy, Rich Hilborn, and Colleen Wang as we talk about the Top 5 Spooky Characters in fiction!

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