Month: November 2020

EP28 – Pains and Gains

Sal (Matthew Whalley) helps Angus train in the S.H.A.R.T. Office gym so he can be better prepared for his field agent training. If you want to continue to support the…

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DD14 – Peter Pan (1953)

We’re off to Never-never Land as the dummies take on Peter Pan! Join us as we explore the classic film’s glorious imagery, imaginative storyline, and unfortunately, its blatant racism. Just…

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98 – Top 5 Iconic Movie Lines

“They may take our lives, but they’ll never take away our Top 5 Lists!”

Part of the staying power of a movie is an expertly delivered movie line. When all things about a movie are firing on all cylinders (the music, the shot composition, the delivery, etc.) it can set up a perfect moment for a movie line that lives with us well after the credits roll. So this week, join Tuong La and ‘My Wiiifes’ Angus MacDonald, Nathan Hartswick, and Annie Russel as they combine their cinema brains together and make a Top 5 Iconic Movie Lines list!

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Ep 52 – Hot Fuzz (2007) & Hot Rod (2007) with Rich Hilborn

Welp it was bound to happen one day! In an incredible mishap, Tuong accidentally watches the wrong movie and unintentionally gives you a DOUBLE HOT FEATURE  with special guest Rich…

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EP27 – The S.H.A.R.T. of Seduction

Angus and Sal discuss training required to become a Super Human Action Response Team field agent with returning guest  Eustache Henge (Jonas Mclean). Who is using his experience as a…

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DD13 – Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Fall down the rabbit hole with the Disney Dummies as we follow Alice into Wonderland this week! We’ll be partying with the Mad Hatter and March Hare, hiding from the…

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Ep 51 – The Mummy (1999) with Victoria Lulloff

Way before Tom Cruise got his tiny hands on this beloved franchise for the Dark Universe (remember the Dark universe?), there was the movie that made Brendan Fraser into an…

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97 – Top 5 Anime Shows for Beginners

**Pushes glasses up while smirking**

Japanese Animation, or Anime, has always been popular but only for a niche audience. Only in the last decade has it hit the mainstream in a big way where gone are the days (well…mostly) when people stick up their noses when you tell them you watch anime! But what if you haven’t dipped your toes into this incredibly popular format yet and you have no idea where to start? Well choosing a starter anime show just got easier ! Join Tuong La and Spiky Haired Magic Teen Fighters Axandre Lemours, Whitney, and Kalvin Nhan as they raise their power levels to over 9000 and “Rank-sengans” a Top 5 Anime Shows for Beginner List!

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Ep 50 – The Boys Season 2 with Angus MacDonald

Everyone’s favorite TV show about shitty superheroes and hilarious over the top violence is back for a season 2 on Prime Video. That’s right! This week on Talkin’ Tuong, we…

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