Month: October 2021

DD36 – Mulan (1998)

Let’s get down to business…to talk about how great Mulan is! The story! The action! The synth-y soundtrack! Li Shang!! Along with Mushu and our lucky cricket, the Dummies are journeying with our heroine and her loyal crew of misfits as they bring honour to Mulan’s family, the emperor, and ultimately, all of China.

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Ep 94 – Squid Game (2021)

“My town called that game the Squid Game.”

This week join Tuong as he does a belated post-Thanksgiving episode because it’d be crazy not to do an episode of the South Korean Netlfix mega hit – Squid Game! Featuring special guest…just Tuong?!

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Ep 109 – “Rumours” by Fleetwood Mac

Straight out of the long weekend Justin and Cassie take another look at Heartbreak but this time through the lens of Fleetwood Mac’s album “Rumours”. Love Is, listens to 6 songs off the album and dive deep into the anthem’s that still ring true to us today. Whether we go our own way, rekindle the magic we never thought we’d find again or reminisce about what we’ve had and what we’ve lost, they get to the nitty gritty of heartbreak. Let’s get into it.

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E02: Treating Diabetes with Vitamin K with Kevin Guo

Meet Kevin Guo who is exploring new treatments of diabetes using everyone’s favourite organic molecule, Vitamin K. Katie and Vinny talk about bats wearing party hats and a mysterious object that could replace Pluto as the Sun’s ninth planet.

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119 – The Ranky Roulette

A Top 5 episode unlike anything you’ve heard before!

Welcome to the very first Ranky Roulette – an improv styled game show where the best ranker reigns supreme! Join Tuong and professional Podcast Guinea Pigs Angus MacDonald, Samantha Leggatt, and Leslie Cserepy as they venture into this grand inaugural experiment and rank like they’ve never ranked before!

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E01: Building Hearts from Blood with Ida Derish

Our first episode! Meet grad student Ida Derish who is working to use blood cells to repair broken hearts. Katie and Vinny also talk cicadas and planets. If you want…

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Ep 93 – Dear Evan Hansen (2021) with Laura Gordon

“Waving through a window”.

This week join Tuong and Laura Gordon as they take the PodCavern on the road to Ottawa! Look, they both love the musical Dear Evan Hansen but does that mean all broadway musicals should be turned into a big Hollywood movie? (Short answer: No. Long Answer: Listen to find out!). Join us as we chat about the Super Mario Bros. cast, 007’s fashion choices, and Ben Platt’s hair, while also talking about our movie of the week – 2021’s Dear Evan Hansen! 

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