Month: April 2022

131 – Top 5 Video Game Theme Songs

From chip tunes and beyond! 

Music is an integral part of gaming. The way a track is used can elevate the moments of playing your game and stick with you long after you have put down the controller. Just like in film and television, it invokes a certain personality and feeling that really just rounds out the overall experience. So join Tuong and 8-bit heroes Angus MacDonald, Samantha Leggatt, and Leslie Cserepy as they activate their cheat codes and celebrate Top 5 Video Game Theme Songs.

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E13: Celebrating Sea Cucumber Pee with Em Lim

Sea Cucumbers are amazing animals. They hang out all over the ocean and have a surprising defense mechanism. Em Lim studies their pee and how the nitrogen in their pee is perfect for growing seaweed. Vinny and Katie talk about embryos and sharks.

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