Heroes Don’t Do Paperwork

Hosted ByAngus MacDonald and Matthew Whalley

In a world where the vast majority of people have special powers - there are Super Heroes, Super Villains, and a mountain of paperwork after the dust has settled. My name is Angus and I’ve been hired by the Super Human Action Response Team to help navigate the red tape of a super powered world along with my bureaucrat partner Sal. It’s a thankless job but somebody has to do it because Heroes Don’t Do Paperwork.

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EP59 – Sentenced to 10 Years

Now in their 10 year old bodies Angus and Sal go back to school shopping for their upcoming undercover mission. They’re going to need to come up with their undercover personas and figure out young people slang, what could go wrong?

EP58 – Owl and Order

After a week together on the street Sal and Angus are called into the S.H.A.R.T. Station to meet their new chief, Nat Bubo (Matt Barrow).

EP57 – The Little Score

Now that they are partners Angus helps Sal get reacquainted with field agent work. They are called to report on a robbery being committed by a pee wee soccer team.

EP56 – S.H.A.R.T. Vs. Bedfellow

Sal’s ethical trial is finally here with Angus serving as his defense. They face a tough prosecutor in Cretaceous Trombone (Leslie Cserepy) and are at the mercy of first timer Judge Jude Law (Tuong La).  Will Sal get shunned by the bureaucrat community? Will they both get branded?

EP55 – Allegedly an Episode

Angus helps Sal prepare for his upcoming trial by going through law books at the Super City Library. The laws they find might be more odd than you think.

EP54 – Humanit-E

With Sal still reeling from the news of his upcoming Tribunal review he hastily gets a guest for the show. Angus, wanting to help his friend relax, agrees to sit down with the Robot Hero Vigilant-E (Rich Hillborn). Together the guys learn a little bit about what it is to be human.

EP53 – Wine and Wives Night

Angus and Sal unwind on their wine and wives night. Angus has had a rough first few days as a S.H.A.R.T. field agent while Sal has had to adjust to working alone again.

EP52 – Recorded Records: Revelations

Angus finally gets his S.H.A.R.T. Field Agent Exam results. We get a glimpse of Sal’s dark past and Bubo stops by for a visit. Or has he been there all along? SPOILERS He has!

EP51 – For The Record

While Angus waits for his test results Sal remains tight lipped. Susan Box (Cassie Pyatt) joins the guys to see if she is eligible for a world record!