Learn Real Good

Hosted ByVinny Francois & Katie Pagnucco

Learn Real Good is a podcast that brings science to the masses by combining comedy and cutting-edge science. We create a friendly and casual atmosphere to discuss STEM research with grad students. We want to peel back the curtain on how science is done and what it means to be a scientist while improving scientific literacy in the general public. We also want our audience to laugh their butts off.

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E11: Preventing Poultry Pecking using Probiotics with Claire Mindus

Given the modern reality of industrial farming, Animal Scientists are always looking for ways to raise animals with as little suffering as possible. Chickens often peck each other and pluck out each other’s feathers when placed under stress. Claire Mindus joins us to discuss how to reduce chicken stress with probiotics. Vinny and Katie talk about elephants and mitochondria.

E10: Capturing Carbon with Coffee Waste with Alivia Mukherjee

People around the world drink a LOT of coffee and all those grounds go somewhere, often into our garbage dumps. What if we could use it for something other than compost? Our guest Alivia Mukherjee is studying a way to sequester carbon dioxide using coffee grounds to help mitigate climate change. Vinny and Katie talk about Spirit Bears and drilling holes on Mars.

E09: Repairing Nerves Using Spider Silk with Lizzie Baker

Bioengineering is the field of using and modifying natural processes to produce new materials. This week’s guest, Lizzie Baker, bioengineered a new kind of spider silk to promote the growth of nerves and treat spinal cord injuries. Vinny and Katie share facts about space clocks and hybrid animals.

E08: Following Mercury in the Arctic with Isabel Hilgendag

Tracking toxins in our environment is an important part of our food and health safety. Our guest Isabel Hilgendag talks about tracking the presence and effects of mercury in Arctic food webs. Vinny and Katie talk about fighting infections and bird navigation.

E07: Building Arms with Cierra Stiegelmar

Cierra Stiegelmar joins Vinny and Katie to share her work with robotic prosthetics. Vinny also talks about the smell of petrichor after the rain and Katie dishes the hot goss about protists.

E06: Protecting Firefighters from Water with Saiful Hoque

Our guest this week is Saiful Hoque who researches textile science. His specialty is making protective gear for firefighters. Katie and Vinny share facts about coral bleaching and mind-machine interfaces.

E05: Chasing Glaciers with Amanda Kotila

This week we meet researcher Amanda Kotila, who is studying glacier retreat, which is the process of how glaciers melt and get smaller. Katie and Vinny talk about fires in winter and decapitated worms.

E04: Watching Bacteria Poop Nitrogen with Sujani Gomes

This week we meet Sujani Gomes who is solving “The Mysterious Case of Bacteria and Nitrogen”. Vinny and Katie talk about wolves saving lives and wiggling tubes.

E03: Melting Batteries Using Lasers with Tessa Krause

Meet Tessa Krause who is investigating using lasers to control laser welding and preventing lithium fires. Katie and Vinny talk about protecting the bees from mites and getting rechargeable batteries from the ocean.