Disney Book Club – Bravely (2022)

If yeh had the chance to change the ending of a Pixar movie…would yeh? Well, the Pals have done exactly that, with a twist – they’ve powered down their screens and cracked open a spine for their first ever book club episode! It’s back to Castle Dunbroch and the world of Brave where we learn that Merida’s story was just getting started. But if she’s going to take on the new challenges awaiting her and her family, she’ll have to do it…Bravely.

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162 – Top 5 Cereal Mascots

This week’s episode is going to be….Gr-r-eat!

Many moons ago we ranked Top 5 Food Mascots (which you should totally check out still) but we found that our friends the Cereal Mascots were severely underrepresented. Flash forward to the year 2024 where we right these wrongs and give these unsung mascots the time in the limelight they deserve! So join Tuong and A-Team Angus MacDonald, Samantha Leggatt, and Leslie Cserepy as they spoon feed you a big ol’ bowl of Top 5 Cereal Mascots!

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PP13 – Brave (2012)

If yeh had the chance to change yer fate – would yeh? The Dummies are saying yes and running into the open air this week with Merida, a strong-willed princess who’s a beast with a bow and arrow, and her mother, who turns out to be a beast of another kind. Find out what fate has in store for this family and sing along to some stunning melodies as we discover what it means to be Brave.

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DD44 – Brother Bear (2003)

Oh brother, bear art thou? Trek through the Alaskan wilderness with the Dummies as they follow former human, current bear Kenai on his quest to find “the mountain where the lights touch the earth” and transform back into his former self – while discovering, with the help of Denahi, Sitka, and Koda, what brotherhood really means. (No thanks to Phil Collins).

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Ep 77 – Paddington 1 & 2 with Sarah MacDonald

“If we’re kind and polite everything will be right.”

Children’s stories don’t always translate well to the big screen and when they do, sometimes it’s painfully clear they are made ‘just for kids’. It takes a special type of movie magic to make a film that is good for the entire family, and there is no better example than the movies we have for today’s episode of Talkin’ Tuong! This week join Tuong and Mother of Marmalade Sarah MacDonald as they do a double feature of the most lovable bear with a dapper red hat, and blue coat and see why these are the most well reviewed movies of all time – Paddington 1 & 2!

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