E34: Making video games accessible with Georgia Loewen

Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry more than double the size of the movie and music industry combined. But for the longest time a huge group of gamers, people with physical disabilities, were excluded due to the nature of the controls, whether it’s controllers or keyboards. That’s rapidly changing and people like Carleton University’s Georgia Loewen, a Masters’ student in Human-Computer Interaction, are working on improving accessibility to games. We discuss the growing field of wearable technology. Vinny and Katie talk about special frogs and a problem with Voyager 2.

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88 – Top 5 Interesting Animals You’ve Never Heard About

The Circle of Life made some cool weird shit…

Let’s face it, humans are boring. Sure we may be the dominating species on the planet but we are also in many ways just not that interesting. The world is full of exciting animals in the world, some that behave in peculiar ways and some that just look so strange that it basically looks like something that came out of James Cameron’s Avatar. This week, join Tuong La and Faux Wild Life Experts Axandre Lemours, Catherine Ballachey, and Seth Gerry as they get their Zoology on and rank Top 5 Interesting Animals You’ve Never Heard About.

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