PP10 – Up (2009)

We’ve heard of children testing the limits of gravity, but a senior citizen making helium bend to his will is uncharted territory – and the start of an unforgettable expedition. Float along to Paradise Falls with the Pixar Pals as we witness the bittersweet story of Karl and Ellie, and see how far love can carry you as long as you believe that adventure is out there.

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EP20 – Sub Prime Renter

As Angus’s eviction draws closer, he and Sal venture out of the office to look at the last few options for living spaces. Will they find a place for Angus to call home or will he be doomed to live in Sal’s car?

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Ep 38 – The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019) with Esther Freeman

This week on Talkin’ Tuong, join Tuong and the Ever Eclectic Esther Freesman as they see if they can get attached to this movie (as much as the main character can get attached to houses) in 2019’s The Last Black Man in San Francisco (now streaming on Crave)!

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EP18 – Fore-scent and Foreclosure

Is your Super Team in need of a new lair? Amid Angus’ search for a new home he and Sal welcome Super Real Estate Agent Jen Myriad (Leichell Little, Quest Friends Forever) to the show and discuss what it’s like buying and selling in Super City.

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38 – Top 5 Summer Jams of All Time

It’s getting hot in herre…

Do you feel that? Sun is out, Ray-Bans are on, and summer is in full swing! What better way to groove out to the nicest time of the year than to listen to some tunes while you’re hanging out the cottage, cruising down the highway with your windows down, or laying down in your 10ft sandcastle on a beach. Join Tuong La and Saucy Summertime Lovers Adam Jasim, Ryan Hueglin, and Laura Gordon as they rank the Top 5 best summer songs of ALL TIME!

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