Arcane Ninja RPG: A story about Ninjas & Magic told through roleplaying.

Hosted ByFede Holten, Roselyn Kelada-Sedra, Jonas McLean, and Kaitlin Condie

Follow the adventures of three graduating Ninja from Claybelt Ninjitsu Academy, the largest in Canada, as the dice dictate just how successfully they face the challenges that are threatening the world. Actual Play Storytelling.

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S01E13 – Kafkaesque

Our ninja got two parts of the prophesy and things look grim. The book recovered from the library of Babel told a heart wrenching story and left a troubling warning. Will our heroes-to-be find the answers they seek in the last fragment of the prophesy? Will they even be able to obtain it? Tune in to find out!

S01E12 – Shock to the system.

The prophesy is not complete? What?! Our squad has obtained one piece after suffering a great loss, but it looks like they are not done yet. What challenges await them? Will they succeed in obtaining the other pieces? What will be the price? Tune in to find out.

S01E11: Choices – Part 2

Absenthia, Willing to sacrifice themselves, went in first. They placed their palm on the mirror surface and was sucked in at the point of contact, as if they had been made out of cloth. The others would not accept the sacrifice and followed in pursuit into the nightmarish mirror shard. What awaits them on the other side? Will they become trapped? Will they be able to recover the oracle? Tune in to find out!

S01E11: Choices – Part 1

Our ninja forcefully learn about whale anatomy as they search for the Oracle. Could it be that they may not return back once they enter? Will they learn their future? Will they finally understand why the adorable gremilin, Pug Louisa, hatched out of its green dotted purple egg? Tune in to find out!

S01E10 – Surrender to the anus.

Our heroes finally found the Oracle Whale! Or perhaps it would be better to say that the Oracle whale found them. Will they find out why the Gremilin, Pug Louisa, hatched? What adventures await them inside a whale the size of a small continent? Tune in to find out!

S01E09 – Nautical Knots

The squad enlists Leonora to take them to the suspected location where the island of Atlantis once was, and where the Oracle Whale is suspected to be found. They set off in Leonora’s motor boat, seemingly too small for the high seas, on a multi day journey. They hope the gremilin, Pug Louisa, will attract the whale just like the gremlin eggs are supposed to. Will they find the Oracle Whale? Will they survive the high seas? Tune in to find out!

S01E08 – I wash my chest every four months.

After an especially long day, it’s time for some dinner. By the way, what does Pug Louisa Eat? Also, at the Drunken Master Pub: Agarast Razor in “Sing or Die: An Operatic Experiment and Rave Party. What will the squad’s first mission be? Tune in to find out what all this is about!

S01E07 – Pug Louisa Shoe Panini

An adorable little creature hatched out of the Gremilin egg! What?! Impossible!? It was never heard of a Gremilin egg hatching before. What is the creature? Will they keep it? What will Commander C. Norris do with it? And, how did our young almost-ninja do in their test? Will they have to re-take it? Tune in to find out!

S01E06 – There is Nothing to Go Down On

Russian ninjas stealing the Gremilin eggs? What? Impossible! Gorroh, the Germilin guardian faces off one of the intruders, while the rest of the squad, including our heroes to be, go in pursuit of the rest. Will they find them? will they be able to recover the stolen eggs? Will they graduate? Tune in to find out!