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170 – Top 5 X-Men Characters

To me, my X-Men!

What’s there to say that hasn’t already been said about the X-Men? They are easily some of comic books most recognizable teams and for good reason! Not only is it consistently telling quality stories about marginalized groups and discrimination in the form of superheroes, but it also has had a myriad of movies, video games, tv shows, and more! Now the X-Men haven’t always had a home run when it comes to it’s movies, but with the recent boom of the X-Men ’97 TV show we’d be remiss not to talk about all the cool mutants that are in this beloved property. So join Tuong and his Brotherhood of Mutant Weirdos Angus MacDonald, Rich Hilborn, and Taylor Fleming as they mind meld their brains in Cerebro and come up with a Top 5 X-Men Characters list! 

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149. Soup: Stocks, Broths, and Butt Surgery?

This week, hosts Teffer Adjemian (@tefferbear) and Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) dive into a hot pot of soup! We get into the Bone Broth craze, the beauty of a well-balanced soup, and some fun uses for extra stock! Also, Tom got butt surgery this week, so, we *have* to talk about that.

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E86 – Zane Caplanksy: A Dish, a Dream and a Lotta Hustle

Our guest in this episode is mustard and smoked-meat wizard Zane Caplansky, founder of Caplanksy’s Deli & purveyor of fine mustards. When Nick had the idea of interviewing a chef to discuss the artistic elements of food and cooking, Zane immediately came to mind. As it turns out, the struggles associated with balancing artisanal meats and mustards and attempting to find balance in life are huge. Six-figure-legal-fees huge.

And yet, Zane is probably the most optimistic and hopeful guests we’ve had the pleasure of speaking with – and in the current political climate, that doesn’t seem so easy to do, right? So, grab some pickles, dip ’em in some tasty Caplansky mustard & enjoy our journey strugglin’ on with Zane Caplanksy.

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EP109 – Dino NDA

Angus and Sal celebrate their work to save the Museum of Personal History, until a mysterious character (Leslie Cserepy) appears to deliver some bad news. Is this character merely the herald of some greater threat….yes.

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PTP 387 – May 8, 2024 – Stay Away From My Bagel

Opening      – Johnny Cash has a posthumous album coming out Isn’t Love Everything by Maïa Davies Briner’s Game      – PTP Top 5 Plays I Left by Under the Rocks Sucks…

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PP25 – Turning Red (2022)

Some might argue that a mother’s love is the greatest power of all, but in Turning Red, a teenage girl’s boy band obsession will give that love a run for its money – that is, if she can make enough money to afford the concert tickets. While the Pixar Pals learn pretty quickly that there’s Nobody Like U, their fellow 4*Townies Meilin and friends navigate the complicated and often contradictory priorities that come with familial responsibility, extraordinary friendship, and growing up a tiny bit different from everyone else.

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169 – Top 5 Fictional Rodents


From ranking Fictional Horses, Birds, Cats, Dogs and much more, we have finally arrived to giving the little guys some love on the  PodCavern airwaves. That’s right, today we celebrate all the rodents out there who despite their size, have the same amount of spunk, whimsy, adventure, and weirdly sexy aspects to them as any other fictional animal out there! So join Tuong and his Rat Pack Victoria Luloff, Jess Maybear and Axandre Lemours as they scour the sewers and the streets to come up with Top 5 Fictional Rodents! 

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148. Rice Pudding

This week, hosts Teffer Adjemian (@tefferbear) and Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) talk about a tasty treat that doubles as a great use for your leftover rice- Rice Pudding!

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