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154. Sausages

This week, hosts Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) and Teffer Adjemian (@tefferbear) bring you an episode all about sausages! Links! Patties! Loose Sausage Meat! Haggis! Brats! Blood Pudding! The list goes on, but one thing’s for sure: we’re casing this joint and taking a look at how the sausage gets made!

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EP112 – Definitely Not A Waste Of Time

Angus shows up late to the show after finding a treasure map in the walls of his apartment. The boys venture to Providence Park in hopes of not only saving the park but also themselves. This will surely not be a waste of anyone’s time.

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PP28 – Inside Out 2 (2024)

Be cool, everyone – Inside Out 2 has arrived, Riley’s starting high school soon, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can we embarrass ourselves!! Good thing the Pixar Pals can keep their cool, even as anxiety, envy, and other new emotions arrive on the scene to heat things up. With more hands than ever on the steering wheel, Joy and the others have one last chance to shape Riley’s beliefs before anxiety takes control for good.

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PTP 390 – June 19, 2024 – Cartoon Themes, Canadian Chip Flavours, and Being Another Organism

(0:00) Opening

     – An Evening with John Wozniak in Tillsonburg

(5:28)  Watering Hole by Jay Pollmann

(8:39) Ranker 

     – Best Cartoon Theme Songs

(27:01) The Echoes by Dover Lynn Fox

(31:37) Justin’s Hypothetical

     – Be Any Other Living Organism In the Next Life

(42:17) The Priest by Ivory Hours

(45:04) Tiermaker

     – Canadian Chip Flavours

(1:11:38) Exorcise Me by Dang Guilty

(1:14:50) Rec Room/Closing

     – Drive-Away Dolls

     – Strike Force Five podcast

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153. Tuna N Rice ft. Summer Banks

This week, host Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) calls up Berlin-based improviser, podcaster & journalist Summer Banks (@winter.streams) to talk about New California Cuisine, Alice Waters, Sustainability, and Tuna ‘N Rice, a delicious comfort food from her childhood cupboard!

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172 – Top 5 Weird of Silly National Days

It’s National Ranking Day!

Okay it’s not but if we told you that, you’d probably believe it’s real because there’s essentially a plethora of random National Days EVERY DAY of the year for EVERYTHING. They range from being wholesome to totally obscure to so incredibly niche that you wonder why it got it’s own National Day to begin with. That’s kind of the beauty and chaos of it all and we are here today to shoutout the strangest/silliest out of the bunch! So join Tuong La and our favourite idiots at Pull the Plug Justin Godelie, Shannon Godelie, and Justin Briner as they flip through the obscure depths of the calendar and to rank Top 5 Weird or Silly National Days.

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EP111 – Thick Necks and Thin Skin

Sal works on a story around Super City’s newest serial killer, The Haberdasher Slasher, while Angus discusses the finer points of skin donation. The guys are then visited by the sickly Weebly Creezer (Josh Mayo), a former resident of a local experimental lab.

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PTP 389 – June 5, 2024 – Madness Free for All (feat. Jordan and Megan)

Your Mind Is On Vacation by Bash O’Sullivan & the yesiwillyes
Ranker ‘a Tanker
– Bad Smells That You Secretly Enjoy
Little Light by Chad Price
– You are offered $100,000 if you can win in a yap competition. What are you yapping about?
Gold Digging by Jake Scott
Tiering Canadian Fast Food
– Create a Canadian Fast Food Tier List
Ten Years by The King Heat Ensemble
– The Hardest ‘Would You Rather’ for Canadians Who Love Food
Groping to Victory by Vern Nicholson
Rec Room/Closing
– LUNCH by Billie Eilish
– Hit Me Hard and Soft by Billie Eilish on Vinyl
– Barry show
– The Fall Guy
– We’re Here show
– End of Beginning by Djo
– Heaven by Softcult
– The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939 film)
– Justin G’s Letterboxd
– Cyberpunk 2077
– Benko Pet Treats

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PP27 – Elemental (2023)

It’s time to get back to basics, back to foundations, back to…dare we say…the elements? The Pixar Pals are following the fiery young Lumen family to Element City as they build a new home, business, and life in a completely unfamiliar land that’s less than friendly to fire types. But when sparks fly between the Lumen’s daughter Ember and city inspector Wade, Elemental really starts to heat up.

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152. Pizza Rice ft. Matt Cole

TW: Italian Food Crimes are committed in this episode. Mi dispiace, ma è molto divertente!

This week, host Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) calls up longtime friend of the show Matt Cole (@mc_dj_mc) for a deep dive into Matt’s favorite rice dish: Pizza Rice! What *is* pizza rice, and how can we elevate it into a fine dining experience? 

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