EP60 – Gymnasium Gluteus

After a week undercover as 10 year olds Sal and Angus have found clues to the identity of the mysterious leader of the Slipknot gang, a roving pack of children committing crimes around Super City. Gym Teacher, Coach Chip Remington (Nathan Hartswick, Vermont Comedy Club, The Corporation) comes on the show for questioning. Could  this creepy old man be the guy they are looking for?

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EP59 – Sentenced to 10 Years

Now in their 10 year old bodies Angus and Sal go back to school shopping for their upcoming undercover mission. They’re going to need to come up with their undercover personas and figure out young people slang, what could go wrong?

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EP57 – The Little Score

Now that they are partners Angus helps Sal get reacquainted with field agent work. They are called to report on a robbery being committed by a pee wee soccer team.

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