John ‘The Jigsaw Killer’ Kramer has done the unthinkable: somehow made the Saw movies the most popular horror franchise of the mid-00s. Swapping a coherent plot for buckets of blood and gore, the Saw series leans on its shock value to distract from its overly convoluted and under-written continuity. “Want to play a game?” No. Now take your pig mask and get out of here.

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E55 – Riskita Business (Love Island)

Back in your life!

The Improv Punch Up returns with another surprise episode! This week the boys venture into the unknown and punch up…a reality show?? Love Island is the sexiest place on earth, where the hottest contestants flock to find “The One”….until a mysterious force reeks HAVOC on the would be lovebirds! Join host Snout Goocher in a brand new reality adventure filled with love, deception, and every millennial’s favorite meal! HINT: It’s NOT Avocado Toast!

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EP15 – Return to Offender

While Angus and Sal sort the mountain of crates heaped on them by the Super Human Action Response Team, a mysterious crate arrives…but what could be inside? And will it help Angus and Sal work past their issues? 

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EP14 – (Missed) Call to Action

Angus and Sal explore a previously unknown part of their office and find an answering machine with a slew of missed calls. What’s waiting for them on this answering machine? Will it tear our dynamic duo apart?

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