163 – Top 5 Songs to Bang To


It’s that time of year again where love and consensual** (very important) coitus is in the air! And so, this Valentine’s day we thought we would spice up your bedroom, closet, floor, etc. (we don’t kink shame) with a sultry list of dulcet tunes that is sure to get your loins fired up. Join Tuong La and sexy music experts Victoria Luloff, Simone Dorie, and Leslie Cserepy as they make a hot and steamy Top 5 Songs to Bang To list! 

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PP15 – Inside Out (2015)

Sure, we’ve all heard the voices inside our own heads, but Pixar is letting those inside voices out to play with your favourite Pals in – you guessed it! – Inside Out. Follow Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear as they navigate the emotional rollercoaster that comes with growing up, saying goodbye, and making your voice heard, as they learn the importance of letting all our emotions shine through.

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EP14 – (Missed) Call to Action

Angus and Sal explore a previously unknown part of their office and find an answering machine with a slew of missed calls. What’s waiting for them on this answering machine? Will it tear our dynamic duo apart?

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