41 – Top 5 Ways to Feel Like a Grown Ass Adult

“I used to be with it, but they changed what it was”

Summer is finally coming to a close and responsibilities of being an adult are starting to set in. But remember our “glory days” of our youth when we didn’t have a care in the world? When did we go from wild partying every weekend to going to bed at a reasonable hour, on a Saturday night, just so we can have early morning brunch with our parents the next day? This week Tuong La and “Super Mature” special guests James Beattie, Lindsay Gordon, and Laura Gordon age themselves and talk about the Top 5 Ways to Feel Like A Grown Ass Adult!

What ways make YOU feel like a grown ass adult? Email your thoughts and new Top 5 ideas here  – – > ranked@podcavern.com


Ground Rules

  •  The list is not necessarily the objective characteristics of being an adult but more an emphasis on what makes you “feel” like one
  • can be fun or serious nominations
  • The goal is to mark the characteristics that show the turn from immaturity to becoming an adult

*Spoilers* Below is our Top 5 list from this episode as well as our own personal nominations throughout the episode.

Group Top 5

5. Shopping for Sales (Make You Horny)

4. Being Health Conscious

3. Investing in a Young Life

2. Complaining about the Youth

1. Hosting a Dinner Party

Tuong’s List

  • shoping for sales make you horny
  • use your benefits ya bum!
  • making grocery lists
  • meal prep
  • tracking your spending
  • apologizing and owning up to your mistakes
  • DIY stuff
  • knowing too much about drinks
  • skincare routine
  • call your parents regularly
  • not getting drunk on weekedays
  • feeling food shame
  • eating different coloured cheeses
  • volunteer as designated driver
  • stop trying to be popular
  • working in unnecessary complicated vocabulary into your regular day
  • sleep at a decent hour
  • graduate from KD (or bad food in general)
  • hold your farts in public


  • buy a lawnmower
  • talk with your neighbor
  • invest in a young life
  • learning a tool, DIY stuff
  • running out of meal ideas and know your financially okay to just go out and buy a meal
  • going back to coach on the same field you used to do intramurals
  • iron a shirt
  • completing laundry the same day you started it
  • having a grocery routine
  • one upping other aduts
  • finding something spiritually fulfilling or meaningful to you but not because your parents made you do it
  • actively being happy with what you have
  • growing your own food
  • actively knowing the person you politically disagree with
  • read something to try to be better
  • go for a walk and sit on a bench
  • fill up your car before its below half


  • makes preserves/canning
  • going out for casual drinks, not drinking to get durnk
  • host a dinner party
  • paying taxes on time
  • investing your money
  • getting your mortgage or lease, long term financial comittment
  • moving away from your parents to a different city
  • vote
  • read the actual newspaper (physical)
  • have or make a 5-10 year plan
  • getting a folder for all your important documents
  • going to the movies on your own (or restaurant)
  • get up early and go to bed early
  • putting up artwork on the wall that isnt just a poster
  • make a budget
  • buy fancy clothes and don’t go out in your sweatpants
  • teaching someone something
  • not caring what people think


  • complaining about the youth of today
  • “get that mole checked out!” (go to a healthcare professional if something is wrong)
  • getting excited to go to the dump (responsible waste management)
  • have a signature dish that’s not made of cheese
  • listen to jazz while you are chopping vegetables
  • fill your home with plants and be invested in them like they are your children
  • printing photos
  • taking vitamins
  • caring more about your skin care regime than what you do on a friday night
  • clean fridge regularly
  • buying a costco membership – OR decide you are against big chains and will shop local instead
  • keeping up with local politics
  • stop buying the cheapest version of something
  • using those bulk barn coupons
  • getting a financial advisor
  • having multiple non alcoholic beverages for your guests
  • cutting the word “like” from your vocabulary

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