Ep 11 – Captain Marvel, Us, Dumbo

April 4, 2019

On this edition of Talkin’ Tuong, join Tuong with the Titular Taylor Fleming as they wrap up all things March and go Higher Further Faster talking about Captain Marvel, get spooked by their dopplegangers with Jordan Peele’s new horror – Us, and see how high Dumbo soars in the new Disney live-action remake!

Note: This episode had some technical hiccups along the way where we lost connection with Taylor a few times but hey that’s live production for ya (and part of the fun!) so we left it all in!

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Time Stamp

Intro 0:00 -22:05

Captain Marvel



51:50 – 1:18:05


1:18:05 – 1:27:20


1:27:20 -End

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