Heroes Don’t Do Paperwork

Hosted ByAngus MacDonald and Matthew Whalley

In a world where the vast majority of people have special powers - there are Super Heroes, Super Villains, and a mountain of paperwork after the dust has settled. My name is Angus and I’ve been hired by the Super Human Action Response Team to help navigate the red tape of a super powered world along with my bureaucrat partner Sal. It’s a thankless job but somebody has to do it because Heroes Don’t Do Paperwork.

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EP05 – Arch Frenemy

While recovering from a city wide cold, Angus and Sal are visited by Eustache Henge (Jonas McLean, Outtake Improv) a career henchman who has worked for some of Super City’s worst villains. But he seems like such a nice guy!

EP04 – Camera Shy

Angus and Sal are visited by Marge O’Donnell a talent agent for Super Heroes who is desperate for clients. If you are available she is interested!

EP03 – Invasive Species

While building some new office equipment Angus and Sal are interrupted by one of Super City’s Dark Protectors. The power dynamic shifts as it becomes unclear who is the one asking the questions.

EP02 – Super Tips For Super Relationships

Angus and Sal start to butt heads in their workspace, but relationship counselor Dr. Marry Plath (Chelsea Fahey) arrives just in time to share relationship advice.

EP01 – Introductions

Angus Starts his new, not so glamorous, job with the Super Human Action Response Team filing paperwork in a dim basement. He meets his new partner/superior Sal Bedfellow (Matthew Whalley) and the two get to know each other.