S01E22 – Centaurgeneology

What’s really going on in Atlantis? Can our ninja leave the city at will? What is going on with the Russians? … and … Are centaurs a product of zoophilia?. Tune in!

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PP14 – Monsters University (2013)

We know you’re sick of frat house movies, but we swear, this one is monstrously good! The Pixar Pals are rewinding to the origins of your favourite former scarers’ enemies-to-besties friendship, with a story featuring fantastic new friends, righteous rivals, and a certain serpentine antagonist we all love to loathe. Consider this our application for admission to Monsters University!

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68 – Top 5 Interesting People You’ve Never Heard About

History may have forgotten them, but we haven’t.

Thanks to the internet and some high school classes, there have been historical people and their accomplishments that have stood the test of time. However, most of the time there are amazing individuals who slip through the cracks and are forgotten forever….until now! This week join Tuong La and Wikipedia Wizards Sarah Finn, Catherine Ballachey, and Axandre Lemours who put their Googling skills to the test as they research and rank Top 5 Interesting People You’ve Never Heard About.

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