E32: Protecting cows from stable flies with Saif Nayani

Mosquitos are a real pain when you’re going camping. But cattle get pestered by bugs even when they’re hanging out on the farm, more specifically by stable flies. They can number in the hundreds on any given cow, bite painfully, and feed on their blood. Saif Nayani, a Master’s student in biology, studies how stable flies find cows through the chemicals they emit and then using those chemicals to build a trap. Katie and Vinny share facts about the thymus and sexist cars.

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122 – Top 5 Fictional Vehicles


No matter how much you care for real-life vehicles, it’s undeniable that fictional ones are just exponentially cooler in every way. From fancy gadgets, to literal transformations, to time travel (and much more!); these types of imaginary auto-machines have entered pop-culture in a big way and in some cases have helped pave the way for real life applications in the automotive industry. So join Tuong and That’s How I Remember It’s Michael Mongiardi, Raul Delgado, and John Richardson as they strap themselves in and shift into turbo as they rank Top 5 Fictional Vehicles!

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EP20 – Sub Prime Renter

As Angus’s eviction draws closer, he and Sal venture out of the office to look at the last few options for living spaces. Will they find a place for Angus to call home or will he be doomed to live in Sal’s car?

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EP13 – Rush Hour

With Sal (Matthew Whalley) stuck in traffic caused by Rush Hour, Angus is stuck working from home.

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E19 – Ivan Ooze’s Fast and Furious Sacrifice (The Big Lez Show, Fast and Furious, Power Ranger The Movie)

Join us as hosts Tuong and Angus enter the ring to punch up some scenes with the magnificent Meghan “Murph” Murphy (Embassy Q) This week Big Lez pushes his son to make a volcanic decision, Ja Rule brings people together with grocery store street racing, and Ivan Ooze Fights for equal rights.

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