E39: Turning chicken fat into jet fuel with Zak Kaal

The world is built around fossil fuels. Cars, shipping, air travel, it’s all powered by carbon emitting combustion engines. What if we could use something else? What if we could use chicken fat?? That’s exactly what Master’s student Zak Kaal is researching at the University of Alberta .Vinny and Katie talk about asteroids and immune systems.

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E11: Preventing Poultry Pecking using Probiotics with Claire Mindus

Given the modern reality of industrial farming, Animal Scientists are always looking for ways to raise animals with as little suffering as possible. Chickens often peck each other and pluck out each other’s feathers when placed under stress. Claire Mindus joins us to discuss how to reduce chicken stress with probiotics. Vinny and Katie talk about elephants and mitochondria.

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Ep 33 – Honey Boy (2019) with Braeden Etienne

This week on Talkin’ Tuong, we get into the mind of Shia Labeouf as Tuong and The Making Box’s Braeden Etienne get chatting about Shia’s semi-autobiographical film complete with chickens, pies in the face as a child actor, and a whole lot of father-son drama; that’s right we talking 2019’s Honey Boy! (now streaming on Prime Video).

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