EP66 – Vaguely Sinister

Angus and Sal head over to Bubo’s (Matt Barrow) Mansion to figure out a plan to lure out and catch the villain known as The System, but they are immediately side tracked by the vaguely sinister sounding community of people living in Bubo’s many basements.

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Ep 34 – Good Time (2017) with Axandre Lemours

This week on Talkin’ Tuong, Tuong and the Amicable Axandre Lemours witness Robert Pattinson being a non-vampire in the Safdie Brother’s 2017 Crime/Thriller – Good Time (now streaming on Netflix)!

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EP16 – The Good, the Bad and the Mugged-ly

Sal prepares for a delightful day of filing when Angus comes in on his day off to report an embarrassing crime. He and Sal reach new levels of closeness.

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