dungeons and dragons

PP22 – Onward (2020)

In a world of dungeons, dragons, and classic teenage high school drama, it’s tough being an elf who just wants to fit in – and as the Pals will learn in Onward, overenthusiastic older brothers don’t exactly make things any easier. But while it can take a lot of imagination to get past a sibling’s seemingly embarrassing hobbies or odd quirks to embrace them for who they are, in the end, their own extraordinary imagination might turn out to be the best thing about them.

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Ep 82 – Porco Rosso (1992) with Jacob Barrick

“A pig that doesn’t fly is just a pig.”

Coming off last week’s episode (Luca) set in an Italian inspired world with sea creatures, this week we go back to the legendary catalog of Studio Ghibli films exploring Italy once more but under the lens of sky pirates, planes, and a pilot pig! So join Tuong and special guest Jacob Barrick as they take to the skies to discuss yet another Hayao Miyazaki classic with 1992’s Porco Rosso!

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Ep 65 – The Platform (2019) – with Jesse Bergen

“There are three types of people: Those at the top, those at the bottom, and those who fall.”

There have been many films that have tried to provide social commentary on status and class in such a way that it’s almost become it’s own sub-genre of movies. And while Parasite has popularized this sub genre in such a way that it set up a very a high bar for movies to follow, there is still room for these types of movies to say something new to add to the conversation. This week join Tuong La and The Insatiable Jesse Bergen as they brace their appetites talking about the Spanish Thriller film about a vertical platform, hunger, and the most ill-conceived prison system – Netflix’s The Platform!

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Ep 63 – Akira (1988) with Amanda Parker

“I…am Tetsuo!” While loved by many, only in recent years has anime started hitting the main stream in North America. And while there are plenty of great anime films out…

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EP18 – Fore-scent and Foreclosure

Is your Super Team in need of a new lair? Amid Angus’ search for a new home he and Sal welcome Super Real Estate Agent Jen Myriad (Leichell Little, Quest Friends Forever) to the show and discuss what it’s like buying and selling in Super City.

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EP01 – Introductions

Angus Starts his new, not so glamorous, job with the Super Human Action Response Team filing paperwork in a dim basement. He meets his new partner/superior Sal Bedfellow (Matthew Whalley) and the two get to know each other.

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