EP106 – Making an Omelette

Angus and Sal are on vigilante patrol when they pick up a signal reporting a festive crime in progress. Can Angus and Sal save Easter….I wouldn’t count on it.

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134. Breakfast Sandwiches

This week, hosts Teffer Adjemian (@tefferbear) and Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) talk about the greatest innovation in grab-and-go breakfasts, the Breakfast Sandwich! Where did the classic egg-cheese-meat sando come from? What’s the perfect commercial iteration of it? Does a bagel with lox count as a breakfast sandwich?

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129 – Top 5 Brunch Menu Items

Brunch: One Meal to rule them all.

Once upon a time, there was (probably) a person who woke up too late for breakfast and thought of the genius idea of combining both the powers of breakfast and lunch into one powerhouse meal full of eggs, pancakes, hash browns, coffee, and alcohol. The beauty of brunch is there’s no judgement. Eat breakfast past noon. Start treating yourself to alcohol in the early afternoon. Go ahead and get the best of sweet and savoury in your dish. The world is a better place because brunch exists! So join Tuong and Pull the Plug’s Justin Godelie, Shannon Godelie, and Dan Foerster as they put on their stretchy pants and feast at the PodCavern Diner while ranking Top 5 Brunch Menu Items!

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EP39 – The Prodigal Sal Returns

Angus and Bubo (Matt Barrow) climb a mountain in search of the village community Sal (Matthew Whalley) has become a part of since leaving S.H.A.R.T. They hope they can convince Sal to come back to Super City with the promise of mountains of paperwork.

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77 – Top 5 Lazy Comfort Foods

Here’s to all the naughty foods that stuck by us all these years.
Look we all love food here in the PodCavern, but sometimes you don’t feel like cooking and need some reliable food that’s quick, dirty, and cheap. So join Tuong La and Instant Food Experts Taylor Fleming, Laura Gordon, and Shannon Leis as they get their microwave/toaster oven ready to rank Top 5 Lazy Comfort Foods!

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E38 – The Hangover (Random Objects from the Night Before..)

On this week’s Improv Punch Up the boys wake up with the Tactful Tuong La in Podcavern West with no recollection of how they got there and even worse, without any scenes to punch up! Listen as Jean Claude Vanclam and Vanjam face off in the showdown of the century, we get into the interiors and exteriors of Ant-Man vs Trader Joe, and a snow globe provides a look into the underworld, a blood donation, and fun with Siri.

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