EP56 – S.H.A.R.T. Vs. Bedfellow

Sal’s ethical trial is finally here with Angus serving as his defense. They face a tough prosecutor in Cretaceous Trombone (Leslie Cserepy) and are at the mercy of first timer Judge Jude Law (Tuong La).  Will Sal get shunned by the bureaucrat community? Will they both get branded?

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EP29 – Heart, The Mightiest Muscle

BAH GAWD! Mighty Muscle (Gilbert El-Dick, Quest Friends Forever) has entered the ring at HDDP to talk super powered wrestling with Angus and Sal. All while Sal starts to become…

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EP21 – Murder He Stroked

Angus and Sal (Matthew Whalley, Quest Friends Forever) have Kyle Lygar Professional Golfer (Deborah Ring) on the show to talk about his recent ban from the SPGA, his family and his tendency to kill birds.

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