169 – Top 5 Fictional Rodents


From ranking Fictional Horses, Birds, Cats, Dogs and much more, we have finally arrived to giving the little guys some love on the  PodCavern airwaves. That’s right, today we celebrate all the rodents out there who despite their size, have the same amount of spunk, whimsy, adventure, and weirdly sexy aspects to them as any other fictional animal out there! So join Tuong and his Rat Pack Victoria Luloff, Jess Maybear and Axandre Lemours as they scour the sewers and the streets to come up with Top 5 Fictional Rodents! 

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PP08 – Ratatouille (2007)

Adventurous fish, a family of superheroes, talking cars…what’s next, a charming rat who can cook you a gourmet meal? YUP! The Pixar Pals are continuing the studio’s hot streak of fine fare as they serve up some silliness and a side of heart with Ratatouille. This one goes out to anyone who’s ever needed an ego boost in the kitchen – because anyone can cook!

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DD26 – The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

There’s no replacing Mickey Mouse, but if he ever needed a sick day, Basil – aka The Great Mouse Detective – would be up to the task. This charismatic rodent and his trusty sidekick Dawson (who he literally JUST met) are here to take on the evil Ratigan and save the day – and the Dummies are along for the hunt!

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DD15 – Lady and the Tramp (1955)

Lady and the Tramp: the film that changed spaghetti forever. Follow along with the Dummies and our four-legged friends as we watch our two heroes overcome villainous dog catchers, classist…

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