123 – Top 5 Fish

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!

Humans have discovered some pretty amazing creatures in history but some of the most amazing ones come from those vast and varying bodies of water that span our Earth. While there are over 30,000 species of fish known to us, we have only scratched the surface of what’s out there in the darker depths of that great big blue. So forget aliens! There’s a whole bunch of interesting and weird fish species that inhabit the Earth that also feel out of this world! So join Tuong and Fishy Freaks Simone Dorie, Braeden Etienne, and Hayley Kellett as they plunder the ocean and swim their way to ranking a Top 5 Fish list!

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EP46 – Ascension Day Spectacular

It’s time for a party! Angus and Sal host a shindig for Dex’s Ascension Day, unsure of what exactly that is. Little do they know while they are trying to be good hosts the obvious cult members they have invited into their home have more nefarious plans.

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