10 – Top 5 Things Canadians AREN’T Sorry Aboot

Happy Canada 150 ya hosers! All across the world Canadians are known for their overbearing politeness and saying “sorry” for just about everything. On this week’s Ranked, join Tuong La and returning special guests Angus MacDonald, Leslie Cserepy, and Samantha Leggatt as they defy that stereotype (sort of) and talk about Top 5 Things Canadians AREN’T Sorry Aboot. So put on your toques, grab your double doubles, and “toonie” into this episode eh? (sorry for the pun, sorry)

Send us all the things you’re not sorry for here eh? – – – > ranked@podcavern.com

As always, thanks for listening and Happy Canada 150 to all our Canadian friends!


Group Top 5

5.  Poutine

4. Our money

3. Saying “Sorry”

2. Canadian Nature

1. Canadian Beer

Tuong’s List

  1. Money
  2. Tim Hortons
  3. Not in your face type of patriotism
  4. Poutine
  5. Health Care
  6.  Landscapes, water, air
  7. Jim Carey
  8. Seth Rogen
  9. Hockey
  10. Heritage Moments

Angus’s List

  1. Burning down the White House
  2. Canadarm
  3. IMAX
  4. Hawaiian Pizza
  5. All the awesome Canadians
  6. Caulking gun
  7. The TV show Reboot
  8. Kids in the Hall
  9. Taking your shoes off at the door

Leslie’s List

  1. “Eh”
  2. Money
  3. Seth Rogen’s Laugh
  4. Chris Hadfield
  5. David Cronenberg
  6. Beer
  7. Avro Arrow
  8. Personal to Leslie –¬† Lived in Ottawa for 12 years hasn’t been to Parliament


Sam’s List

  1. Five pin bowling
  2. Hot Ryans
  3. Tragically Hip
  4. Basketball
  5. Jim Carey
  6. Bloody Caesar
  7. Anne of Green Gables



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