“Weeeee want Candy!”

As kids, candy was the pinnacle of food (who cares about steak dinners or gourmet seafood when you can have a handful of Sour Patch Kids). Somewhere along the way, the constant nagging of teachers, parents, and health experts convinced us that candy was “bad for us” and we should only eat it “occasionally and in moderation”. Well no more! This week join Tuong and Pull the Plug’s Justin Godelie, Shannon Godelie, and Dan Foerster as they embody the phrase “kids in a candy store” and rank Top 5 Candy!

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Ground Rules

  • It has been brought to our attention that many people include chocolate and chocolate bars and call it candy (ie Kit Kat Bar or Snickers). That is madness simply because that is CHOCOLATE.
  • If your nomination comes in several different flavours, you need to be specific to which flavour you are nominating

*Spoilers* Below is our Top 5 list from this episode as well as our own personal unordered  lists.

Group Top 5

5. Sour JuJubes

4.Sour Patch Kids

3. Sour Watermelon

2. Fuzzy Peaches

1.Sour Skittles

(Turns out we all really like sour candy)

Tuong’s List

  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Sour Jujubes
  • Sour Keys
  • Skittles
  • Sour Neon Gummy Worms
  • Gummy Bears
  • Mike and Ikes – Blue Blast
  • Strawberry Candy
  • Cherry Blasters
  • Juicy Wine Gums
  • Fruit Juice Berries
  • Starbursts
  • Twizzler Ropes
  • Jawbreaker
  • Gushers
  • Sodalicious
  • Harry Potter Jelly Beans
  • Nerds

Justin’s List

  • Sour Skittles
  • Sour Cherry Blasters
  • Jolly Rancher
  • Fruit Roll-up
  • Original Skittles
  • Werther’s Originals

Shannon’s List

  • Fuzzy Peaches
  • Twizzlers – Strawberry liquorice
  • Real Fruit Gummies
  • Sour Watermelon
  • Sour Key
  • Sour Grapes
  • Citrus Wedges
  • Hi-Chews
  • Jolly Ranchers
  • Swedish Berries
  • Gummy Worms
  • Jelly Belly’s
  • Haribo Gummy Bears
  • Soda-licious
  • Gushers
  • Sweet Tarts
  • Warheads
  • Nerds

Dan’s List

  • Blue Sharks
  • Coca Cola Bottle
  • Sour Watermelon Wedges
  • Nordic Berries
  • Swedish Berries
  • Swedish Fish
  • Big Feet
  • Spicy Cinnamon Lips
  • Fuzzy Peaches
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Strawberry Soft Liquorice
  • Liquorice Allsorts
  • Fuzzy Peach Rings
  • Cherry Blasters
  • Pop Rocks
  • Fun Dip
  • Chocolate Jube

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