We got a genie in a bottle baby!

Among fantasy dreams and hypothetical questions such as “What superpower would you want to have?” and “If you won a million dollars what would you do?”, the classic “What would you wish for from a genie” ranks above them all. If a magical being insists we make some choices to fulfill our deepest desires and needs, who are we to say no to that?!  So join Tuong and Gyrating Lamp Rubbers Victoria Luloff, Jess Maybear, and Jonah Maybear as they summon the all powerful Jinn of the PodCavern, and rank Top 5 Genie Wishes!

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Ground Rules

  • We are following Aladdin Rules for this podcast which are:
    • Can’t wish for more wishes
    • Can’t wish for someone to fall in love with you
    • Can’t raise someone from the dead
  • These are single wishes, we aren’t nominating a “set” of wishes.
  • We will discuss the “downside” of these wishes but ultimately we made final decisions based on positive intent.
  • No “ands” in your wishes. That’s two wishes!!

Group Top 5

5. Magical Change Room (Anytime you step into this change room it outfits with you into either a style you want or randomized with the latest and greatest style. Can change hair color, temporary tatoos, etc. Can’t change body features_

4. Dr. Dolittle powers (Can talk to animals and insects)

3. Quick Save, Quick Load. (The ability to save a point in time and load back into it from that point in time)

2. Planet Back to 0 (Refreshing the planet’s resources to the pre-industrial era but leaving all existing infrastructure in tact).

1. Consequence free eating (you can eat anything and it’s good for you).


Tuong’s Top 5

  • Bring Robin Williams’s Genie into the real world and he becomes your best friend
  • Magic Fridge that always has the freshest food
  • Wish to be Spider-Man
  • Automatic Magic Change Room
  • Relaxation Time Chamber where it’s a space where 1 day in the real world results in 1 year in this chamber where you get to relax
  • Physical Labour Ghost. A ghost that does physical labour for you.
  • Changing the Weather
  • Get rid of Cryptocurrency and NFTS
  • Shut people up at the movies
  • Magic Remote that allows you to transport into worlds of tv, video games, and movies
  • No more allergies
  • Farts smell good
  • Bug Repellent that always works and is active
  • Consequence Free Eating
  • High Speed Internet..all the time..everywhere.

Victoria’s List

  • Get rid of diseases where the body attacks itself
  • Close the orgasm gap
  • Planet Back to 0
  • Share life span with your dog
  • Only people who can gain positions of global power are those that have equitable and human rights concerns and people who just want to do good
  • Clearly express thoughts and feelings
  • Only dry socks
  • Never itchy
  • Stinky or bad smells

Jess’s List

  • Communication across all languages
  • Dr.Dolittle powers
  • Pizza as a pizza topping
  • Redistribute financial wealth equally to everyone
  • Universal Heath Care (including dental)
  • Equality for all
  • All cars to be electric and the grid to be able to support it
  • Deep sea pressure device
  • Wide spread safe alien contact
  • All consensual experiences to end in orgasms for all

Jonah’s List

  • Quick Save, Quick Load
  • If you inflict intentional harm to someone it gets sent back to you
  • The power to make someone feel instantly good about themselves
  • Be able to make someone fart across the world anytime you want
  • Learn everything instantly
  • All oil turned into clean water
  • 3 Step wish that allows you to become a genie yourself. (listen to podcast episode to hear more about it!)


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