PTP 385 – May 4, 2023 – In Which We Talk Star Wars Briefly and Then Not at All


     – Vote on Sarah’s Instagram polls

     – Claire Tonti

Pints by Claire Tonti

Ranker ‘a Tanker

     – The Best Cult Comedy Movies

Fake Conversations by Nick Everett

Sucks to Suck

     – Mother calls police cause she can’t tell twins apart

     – Daycare gives kid to wrong person at pick up

     – Florida teacher accused of organizing school fight club

     – Divorced woman wants refund for wedding photos

Shithole of a Town by Tomas McManus


     – Would You Try These Weird Food Combos?

I Will Follow You Into the Dark (Cover) by Jade Birkner

Closing/Rec Room

     – Octopus costume for a kid

     – Nope movie

     – Where’s the Jump?

     – Chill Astronaut on Apple Music and Spotify

     – The Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack

     – Harry Potter Theory on YouTube

     – Nerd of the Rings on YouTube

     – Pogo on Apple Music and Spotify

     – Welcome to Chippendales



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