Heroes Don’t Do Paperwork

Hosted ByAngus MacDonald and Matthew Whalley

In a world where the vast majority of people have special powers - there are Super Heroes, Super Villains, and a mountain of paperwork after the dust has settled. My name is Angus and I’ve been hired by the Super Human Action Response Team to help navigate the red tape of a super powered world along with my bureaucrat partner Sal. It’s a thankless job but somebody has to do it because Heroes Don’t Do Paperwork.

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EP50 – Passing The Monkey Bar

The day has finally come! Angus is finally taking his S.H.A.R.T. Field Agent Exam, with none other than Sal (Matthew Whalley) as his proctor! Will all of Angus’ studying and training pay off? Will the test involve monkeys in some way? Will Sal remain impartial?

EP49 – Can Do Attitude

Angus and Sal are still adjusting to no longer being roommates. As tension between them grows they are joined by the most self-sufficient person in Super City, Venus Gillette (Colleen Wang). Venus teaches the guys sometimes you just need to roll up your sleeves and haul some net.

EP48 – Constructive Feedback

Angus and Sal have resolved they can no longer be roommates. However instead of moving out they have decided it’s better to just split their apartment into two much smaller spaces. To help with this task Tyler McTavish (Woody Field McCadden) arrives to do the construction and dispensing of life lessons

EP47 – Blood Type: Be Positive

Angus and Sal are still reeling from the loss of Dex putter about the office. They are visited by  upbeat and optimistic Aganna Actuary (Lana Lodge), employee of the Merry Queen Ice Cream chain and hopeful Hero in training.

EP46 – Ascension Day Spectacular

It’s time for a party! Angus and Sal host a shindig for Dex’s Ascension Day, unsure of what exactly that is. Little do they know while they are trying to be good hosts the obvious cult members they have invited into their home have more nefarious plans.

EP45 – Hent-A.I.

Sal (Matthew Whalley) has been a chaperone for some concerning kindergarten events. Angus is trying to cram for exams. When S.I.D (Leslie Cserepy) arrives to disrupt everyone’s day, Sal must call upon his training as a “Maury” to mediate the situation.

EP44 – CULTivating Young Minds

Angus and Sal (Matthew Whalley) are finally nailing this whole parenting thing! The next step is to get their beautiful undead fish monster son, Dex, into a nice school. Enter Josie Anderson (Meghan Murphy) a kindergarten teacher in Super City. Will her program be the right fit for Dex?

EP43 – The Henchwarmers

Angus finally chips in to help Sal (Matthew Whalley) with the mutant fish monster they are raising. But who will do the podcast!? The guys grab an episode from the illegal podcast pile and throw it on. Welcome to the Henchwarmers where Grunts Handman (Matthew Whalley) and Walter Mansson (Angus MacDonald) guide you through the ins and outs of the Henching Profession.

EP42 – Smooth Smooth Moves

Sal struggles to raise Dex with minimal help from Angus. Jenny Booth (Kristine Shadid) a Super City Food Truck owner comes in to see if she can her smoothie truck.