PP17 – Finding Dory (2016)

Dory always did warn us that she’d just keep swimming, so it should come as no surprise that after splashing into our hearts in Finding Nemo she swam right off onto her next adventure: to find her long-forgotten but recently-remembered parents. The Dummies are submerging themselves in the deep blue along with a familiar found family and a whole aquarium of colourful new characters in this celebration of love, friendship, belonging, and seven-tentacled octopi.

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PP05 – Finding Nemo (2003)

We all get a little lost sometimes – but it’s a rare clownfish whose dad travels hundreds of miles, battling sharks and traversing a jellyfish forest, with only one mission: just keep swimming, just keep swimming…until he finds his son. With the help of a plucky Blue Tang and a tank full of finned friends, Finding Nemo and the Pixar Pals will remind even the most ichthyophobic among us that fish are friends, not food.

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123 – Top 5 Fish

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!

Humans have discovered some pretty amazing creatures in history but some of the most amazing ones come from those vast and varying bodies of water that span our Earth. While there are over 30,000 species of fish known to us, we have only scratched the surface of what’s out there in the darker depths of that great big blue. So forget aliens! There’s a whole bunch of interesting and weird fish species that inhabit the Earth that also feel out of this world! So join Tuong and Fishy Freaks Simone Dorie, Braeden Etienne, and Hayley Kellett as they plunder the ocean and swim their way to ranking a Top 5 Fish list!

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113 – Top 5 Fictional Dads

Who’s your daddy? (Us. It’s us.)
We’ve done Fictional Moms so it’s only fair to pass some love to daddys right? So join Tuong La Fur-Fathers Axandre Lemours, Catherine Ballachey, and Alli Harris as they work out their collective issues and rank Top 5 Fictional Dads.

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