168 – Top 5 Donkey Kong Songs

DK! Donkey Kong is here!

It’s time to talk about everyone’s favourite gorilla with a tie! Yes, we are talkin’ Donkey Kong this week! This iconic character has been jumping on alligators, riding on rails on sketchy mine carts, and torpedo-ing himself through explosive barrels for decades now, but part of what makes those adventures so memorable is the catchy music that serves as a backdrop for his adventures. So this week, grab your bananas and your DK Bongos as Tuong La and his Musically Groovy Kongs Samantha Leggatt, Spencer Moreland, and Joshua Mayo barrel through the jungle and rank some of the best music in video games¬† – with Top 5 Donkey Kong Songs!

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140 – Top 5 Chill Video Game Songs

Chill out to some of gaming’s best tunes!

We’ve already tackled Top 5 Video Game Theme Songs but the spectrum of what songs in gaming can offer is so much more vast. Today’s episode is inspired by how popular Lo-Fi beats have become (Thanks Lo-Fi Girl!) and so we wanted to bring you some of gaming’s best chilling and relaxing tunes.¬† So join Tuong and 8-Bit Cool Cats Samantha Leggatt, Spencer Moreland, and Joshua Mayo as they get into their cozy vibes while ranking Top 5 Chill Video Game Songs.

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