trader joes

167 – Top 5 Weird Chip Flavours

Sometimes you CAN eat just one…

After an iconic episode ranking of Top 5 Chips, the ‘Chip Gang’ has RETURNED to put their taste buds to the test through a gauntlet of weirdness. So join Tuong La and Chip-a-holics Hayley Kellett, Simone Dorie, and Leslie Cserepy as they explore uncharted territory and embark on a crunchy and quirky journey of their taste buds with Top 5 Weird Chip Flavours.

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E38 – The Hangover (Random Objects from the Night Before..)

On this week’s Improv Punch Up the boys wake up with the Tactful Tuong La in Podcavern West with no recollection of how they got there and even worse, without any scenes to punch up! Listen as Jean Claude Vanclam and Vanjam face off in the showdown of the century, we get into the interiors and exteriors of Ant-Man vs Trader Joe, and a snow globe provides a look into the underworld, a blood donation, and fun with Siri.

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