Olé, Olé, Olé!

Something about watching a live sports game is so much different and unmatched compared to simply watching it on TV. The energy. The crowds. The overpriced concessions. All of it is elevated by the pure buzz you get from the excitement in the stadium. Alas, the true hero of all sports games is not the players themselves, but the one that keeps the crowd cranked to an 11 in an oversized (and probably overheated) novelty costume! So join Tuong La and Sports Aficionados Julian McKenzie, Eric Silver (Multitude, Join the Party, Tell Me About it), and Tom Zalatnai (No Bad Food) as they look through at the most chaotic side of sports and rank Top 5 Sports Mascots!

Ground Rules

  • We are NOT doing fictional sports mascots
  • All sports are on the table (ie Olympic, Major and Minor Leagues)
  • As long as they are a published enough of a mascot that we can find, then they count. (But we will
  • Separate the mascot from the team itself (ie doesnt matter how good or bad a team is playing) We also want to separate the mascot away from it’s 2d drawing it may have on a jersey.
  • Creature needs to have a name or Title/ and exist as a character
  • We will be ranking based on their appearances as well as the hijinx these mascots have gotten involved in

Group Top 5

5. Split (Savannah Banana)

4. Otto the Orange (Syracuse Orange)

3. Youppi! (Montreal Canadiens)

2. Mr and Mrs. Met (New York Mets)

1.Gritty (Philadelphia Flyers)



**Spoilers below is our Group Top 5 as well our unordered honourable mentions**

Tuong’s List

Julien’s List

Eric’s List

Tom’s List


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