Squatchin’ for the truth!

The world is full of mysterious creatures and humankind has done a bang up job discovering a lot of them. However, there are so many creatures yet to be found, that have been shrouded in a shade of mystery, and eluding us at every turn. That’s right, we are talking about Cryptids! This week join Tuong La and Sasquatch’s Cousins Spencer Dunn, Cas Knihnisky, and Kate Ethier as they uncover the missing link that is Top 5 Cryptids!

This group will also have a new podcast called Castle Rockettes so be on the look out as it’s coming soon!

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Ground Rules

  • Does not need to be super natural, mythical, or all that strange
  • Cryptids that have been debunked (ie it was a fox after all!) no longer count as cryptids
  • Bonus points if there is large popularity to the cryptid in such a way that it has created legend (s) and instigated people to create hoaxes
  • Folklore and high strangeness contribute to the appeal of a cryptid
  • These are NOT cryptids (to us): Santa Clause, Leprachauns, Vampires, Easter Bunny (you get the idea). If your gut reaction is that it’s not a cryptid, then it probably isn’t for the purpose of this list

*Spoilers* Below is our Top 5 list from this episode as well as our own personal unordered  lists.

Group Top 5

5. Jersey Devil

4. Fresno Nightcrawler

3. Wendigo

2. Mothman

1. Bigfoot/Sasquatch

Tuong’s List

Spencer’s List

Cas’s List

Kate’s List


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