03 – Top 5 Ways to…(According to Improvisors)

Ever wonder what the best way to conquer the world is? How about how to fight against 500 5 year olds? What about the best way to ask Sasquatch to go to the prom with you? We put 15 improv groups on the spot from the Ottawa Improv Festival 2017 and ask them these very important questions in this triple-header episode! Join Tuong La, Angus MacDonald, and Leslie Cserepy as we Top 5 RANK a whole bunch of random thoughts from improvisors. Also we get a surprise guest appearance from a famous super villain from the Marvel Netflix show Daredevil.

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02 – Top 5 Potluck PRIZE WINNERS

Welcome back to the PodCavern for this delicious episode of Ranked! On this food drooling episode, Tuong and special guests Josef Addleman, Laura Gordon, and Leslie Cserepy rank and order the top 5 best items to bring to a potluck so that YOU will be drowned in potluck fame and glory.

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01 – Top 5 Movies of 2016

It’s the very first episode of Ranked! Step into the PodCavern and join Tuong La and special guests Joel Empey, Kyle Jones, and Leslie Cserepy as they make a big-ass list of movies they liked in 2016 and try to narrow down a top 5 list together. Also **SPOILERS**.

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