To infinity and beyond!

What do Finding Nemo, Toy Story , Inside Out, and Up all have in common? No, the other thing. No, the OTHER thing! Okay FINE I’ll just tell you. This week Tuong La and special guests Leslie Cserepy, Samantha Leggatt, and Matt Barrow dive into the funny, beautifully animated, and tear-jerking worlds of Pixar and rank the Top 5 Moments! Come join us as the gang cries, laughs, and gets angry at each other as we celebrate some of the world’s most iconic animated movies ever!

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PPS: Big shout out to Sam for her awesome artwork she shared for this podcast episode and for these show notes!


 **Spoilers!- The Pixar Gang’s Personal Lists**

Tuong’s List

  1. To Infinity and Beyond! (First time Buzz flies) – Toy Story
  2. Fiery Death Scene – Toy Story 3
  3. Andy Says Goodbye – Toy Story 3
  4. Carl and Ellie’s Love Story – Up
  5. “That scene” with Bing Bong  – Inside Out
  6. When Carl Gives Russel the Ellie Badge – Up
  7. Where is My Super Suit?! – The Incredibles
  8. When Mike rebuilds the Door for Sully – Monsters Inc.
  9. The Shape Animating Part – Inside Out
  10. When Riley gets sad – Inside out
  11. Swim DOWN! – Finding Nemo

Leslie’s List

  1. Anton’s Epiphany – Ratatouille
  2. Remi saves the Soup! – Ratatouille
  3. Flea Circus – A Bug’s Life
  4. Sadness takes the wheel – Inside Out

Sam’s List

  1. Spanish Buzz – Toy Story 3
  2. Mr. Potato Head was on the Pita – Toy Story 3
  3. Ken – Toy Story 3
  4. Wall-E Stalking Eve – Wall-E
  5. Sully and Mike are talking by the River – Monster’s University
  6. Joy and Acordion (and all the super cool animation) – Inside Out
  7. Heimlich turning into the Butterfly  – A Bugs Life
  8. Where’s my Super suit/No capes – The Incredibles
  9. Opening – Finding Nemo
  10. Day and Night- Pixar Short
  11. Bing Bong Moment – Inside Out


Matt’s List

  1. Carl and Ellie Montage – Up
  2. Andy says Goodbye – Toy Story 3
  3. Jet Scene – The Incredibles
  4. Wall-E Flying with EVA – Wall-E
  5. Remi and Linguini are learning how to cook together – Ratatouille


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