04 – Top 5 Practical Super Powers for Everyday Life


Have you ever imagined having the power of flight to get to work? What about teleporting away from a bad date? In this week’s episode of Ranked: Top 5 Lists of Stuff That Don’t Matter, (Captain) Tuong La rounds up his very own rag-tag Justice League and puts a TWIST on the classic “What’s the best super power?” argument, nerding out instead about practical super powers that would be useful in everyday life. Big thanks to super-powered special guests Angus MacDonald, Stephen Peeling, and Rich Hilborn for lending their geeky-ness for this action packed episode.

See you in two weeks!

PS: I came up with at least 5 more superpowers probably more useful than the list we came up in this episode so as a reminder –  these lists don’t matter!

PPS: If you are outraged by our lists, think you can come up with better list ideas, or simply want to make your own podcast email – ranked@podcavern.com ! We’d love to hear from you!



**Spoilers**As always these are our personal lists for the best practical superpowers for everyday life!

Tuong’s List


1) Controlling traffic so it’s always in your favor

2) Dishes that are washed and put away as soon as your done with them

3) Super oven/stove that never needs to be supervised and ALWAYS gets results

4) Can instantly fall asleep and wake up set by an internal clock

5) Horizontal Airport Escalator Legs

6) Turning waste (human or garbage) back into food

7) Access the internet with your mind

8) Opposable thumbs for your feet

9) Spidey Sense

10) Wordsmith

11) Every time you fart it’s like air freshener

Angus’s List

1) Time Manipulation

2) Transformation (mild mistque)

3) Extreme Spatial Awareness

4) Lost Item Detection

5) Mild Body Temperature Control



Rich’s List

1) Teleport Home

2) Telekinesis

3) Power Electronics

4) Spidey Sense

5) Hammer Space (Unlimited Pockets)

6) Technopathy



Steve’s List

1) Telekinesis (mild)

2)Super Speed (mild)

3) Flight

4) Time Control (mild)

5) Healing Factor

6) Reality Control

7) Language/ Knowledge Learning

8) Shapeshift

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