03 – Top 5 Ways to…(According to Improvisors)

It’s THREE Ranked episodes in ONE!

In today’s improv-centric episode, we put 15 improv groups on the spot from the Ottawa Improv Festival 2017 to weigh in on three questions that only improvisors can answer! Join myself (Tuong La) and special guests Angus MacDonald and Leslie Cserepy while we make a Top 5 and RANK other people’s answers!

  1. Top 5 Ways to Conquer the World and Become Supreme Ruler
  2. Top 5 Ways to Fight Against 500 5 Year Olds
  3. Top 5 Ways to Ask Sasquatch to go to the Prom with You

We’ll be back in two weeks!




There is a lot of people to thank for participating in this episode so without further ado…

Al Connors – Crush Improv

Chris Hannay – Improv Embassy

Sandi Armstrong and Heidi Lynn Weekes – Grinders

Stefan Spec – Mess Hall

Zac Duval -Mi6

Leigh Cameron and Kirsten Rasmussen – Bloody Mary’s

Chelsea Fahey – Dangerstorm

Ahmed Elchamma – Yellow Snow Pants

Kristine Shadid and Alli Harris –  Rhythm and Burgundy

Mike Brunlieb and Thomas Kelly – Sand

Ross Zimmerman – Carleton Improv Association

Simon Ha – Breakfast 4 Dinner

Marc Rowland – Easy Action

Angus Wright – Embassy Q

Nelu Handa – Kweendom

…..and the Improv Embassy for putting this festival all together!

*SPOILERS* Here are our personal  lists for..

Best Ways to Conquer the World and Become Supreme Ruler

Tuong’s List

5.Control the water supply by putting mind control hormones in the system

4.Through song and dance

3.Buy ad space on all the bill boards on the planet with my face on it

2.Challenge every world leader in a game of Mario Kart – winner take all

1.Consult Pinky and the Brain

Angus’s List

3.Start a Cult

2.Run for Office

1.Pavlovian Behavior Training

Leslie’s List

3.Weaponize Coca Cola

2.Tell lies constantly, be a creep, and dye myself orange

1.Buy everyone in the world a box of (Taco Bell) tacos


Best Ways to Fight Against 500 5 Year Olds

Tuong’s List

5.Poison nipples with more poisonous breast milk

4.like a really big flame thrower

3.Indiana Jones like boulder

2.Giant projector of Teletubbies that when they walk towards it they fall off a cliff

1.Army of Mothers who give a good spankin’

Angus’s List

3.Find a good choke point

2.Mind Games

1.Lie to them and tell them I have cooties

Leslie’s List

3.Robot Rocket Boxing Gloves

2.Lure to bouncy house and then grenade

1. Get a manifest of all childrens’ names and use their full name in the mom voice to stop them in their tracks

Best Ways to Convince Sasquatch to go to the Prom with You

Tuong’s List

5.Dress like Chewbacca and hope for the best

4.Make Sasquatch jealous by spreading rumors you were going to take Loch Ness and put him in a spot where he’d try to win you back from pure jealousy

3.Do pushups in front of him to show your dominance

2.Promise you won’t tell the government where he lives

1. Offer him the entire gymnasium of classmates as a meal

Angus’s List

3.Don’t shave

2.Write a poem

1.Big Romantic Gesture

Leslie’s List

3.Go as friends but if he doesn’t want to go then tell him Abominable Snow Woman will be there

2.Promise there will be a photobooth so he can finally have a non-blurry picture of himself

1.Grow Pubic Hair and then show off the goods



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