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Oneiric, or The Hatch Pilgrim, is a dream quest, a grail quest, a fever dream... quest.

Follow Wands as he makes his way along the big long road, and wonders which bits of his pilgrimage from Hatch to Hatch are real, and which are dreams... and whether it matters.

Oneiric is a fiction podcast from the makers of The Moth Collection. You really need to listen to episodes in order, but hey, they're pretty short.

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Year 120 (Alternate Ending)

The big long road brings Wanderer… somewhere?

Dreamroots 6

Festspeel, by Vincent Lauzon
I hope you enjoy this fantasy short story by the author of Oneiric and The Moth Collection, which I found while cataloguing sources in the data mines of ancient online giant Google. TT

Dreamroots 5

BONUS MATERIAL for Oneiric because poetry is also cool in languages other than English.
Dreamroots, episode 5
Herbsttag, von Rainer Maria Rilke
Le Vaisseau d’or, par Émile Nelligan
La Belle Dame Sans Merci, by John Keats (of course that one is in English)

Year 10

Year 5