152 – Top 5 Final Fantasy Songs

Cue Victory Fanfare*

One of gaming’s most beloved and recognizable series, Final Fantasy, has been around for over 30+ years; gracing their loyal fanbase with excellent JRPG content, spiky hair, giant swords, exhilarating stories, and some of the best music in games. So join Tuong and his level 99 party of magical anime warriors (with a touch of teen angst) Spencer Moreland, Joshua Mayo, and Mariel Martinez-Smallwood as they ride up on their Chocobos and rank Top 5 Final Fantasy Songs!

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140 – Top 5 Chill Video Game Songs

Chill out to some of gaming’s best tunes!

We’ve already tackled Top 5 Video Game Theme Songs but the spectrum of what songs in gaming can offer is so much more vast. Today’s episode is inspired by how popular Lo-Fi beats have become (Thanks Lo-Fi Girl!) and so we wanted to bring you some of gaming’s best chilling and relaxing tunes.  So join Tuong and 8-Bit Cool Cats Samantha Leggatt, Spencer Moreland, and Joshua Mayo as they get into their cozy vibes while ranking Top 5 Chill Video Game Songs.

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