A Top 5 episode unlike anything you’ve heard before!

Welcome to the very first Ranky Roulette – an improv styled game show where the best ranker reigns supreme! Join Tuong and professional Podcast Guinea Pigs Angus MacDonald, Samantha Leggatt, and Leslie Cserepy as they venture into this grand inaugural experiment and rank like they’ve never ranked before!

Also featuring guest audio clips from: Jesse Bergen (What We Do In the Basement), Hayley Kellett (The Making Box), and Vinny Francois (Improv College, Learn Real Good).

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The Rules:

Show premise: This show is like an improv-style game show where the contestants (the guests) are going to be asked to give an improv answer to a topic that they won’t know about in advance. The topics are provided by friends of the show (FoS) who have pre-recorded themselves presenting a random hypothetical Top 5 topic and providing their single answer to that topic (i.e., they are giving a single nomination, not giving us a whole list of 5).The contestants will then take turns giving their answer to these topics until 5 total answers have been given (i.e., one answer from the FoS and one each from the four contestants). These answers will then be debated into a Top 5 list. This is done 3 times total. The roulette will be spun each time to randomly pick which clip we’ll listen to. These clips are not vetted, in order to ensure maximum chaos. There is also going to be a points system that is entirely arbitrary but whoever gets the most points wins the whole dang thing and is crowned the Ranky Ruler of all the Realm. 

Instances when we spin the wheel:

  1. Anytime we need to pick a new topic. (3x). 
    1. Note: The wheel might be need to spun again for topics IF:
      1. The FoS misunderstood the premise of Ranky Roulette and say, for example, they gave their own full top 5 list
      2. The topic is inappropriate, too dark, or could be better suited for a full episode of Ranked
      3. Other factors that might surface as we do the episode
  2. After the clip has been presented and the FoS has given their answer, we will spin the wheel to see which of the four contestants will go first, second, and third.
  3. The answers from each contestant will be put on a timer. We will spin to see how long they can talk for (30 seconds, 1 min, 1min 30s, 2min)
  4. Anytime we need to settle a pointless debate

Points System:

Points are entirely arbitrary but they do decide who the “winner” of these games are.You are awarded points based on where your answer falls on the Top 5 List.

5th  – 50 pts

4th – 150

3rd – 300 pts

2nd – 500 pts

1st – 1000 points

Third round points are doubled.

5th – 100pts

4th – 300pts

3rd – 600 pts

2nd – 1000 pts

1st – 2000 pts

Points to give away:

Each contestant has 1000 pts to just give away to other contestants for the entirety of the show. They can’t give it to themselves and they must give away all 1000 pts by the end of the show. Think of it as tipping your friends for saying something that makes you laugh or out of pity.

Points deduction:

Anytime a FoS presents a topic that we can’t use on the show, Tuong loses 200 pts because he should have done a better job at explaining things.

“Agent of Chaos” (the non-improviser)

  • Throughout the 3 rounds the “agent of chaos” can use a lifeline once per round to assist with their answers to give them a leg up.
  • They can pick any of the lifelines given to them pre-show to help themselves or to sabotage other players. They can “activate” these at any time but each life line can only be used ONCE for the entire duration of the episode.

Example 1: Steal an answer. If they like an answer from another contestant, they get to keep it as their own answer for that round.

Example 2. Play “new choice” for a single contestant. Basically as a contestant is saying their answer, anytime you don’t like what they are saying you can say “new choice” which forces them to change what they just said and make a new choice.

Example 3. Steal all the points from every player (can only be used on the 1st and 2nd round)

Topics Discussed:

Top 5 Sexiest Cryptids

5. Jersey Devil

4. Chupacabra

3. Fresno Night Crawler

2. Lochness Monster


Top 5 Ways to Sneak 55 Dogs into an R Rated Movie

5. Inject yourself with poison after you fall in love with someone

4.Scooby Doo and the gang would solve this mystery

3. Create a drive in venue situation that you are allowed to bring dogs to R rated movie

2.Bring 55 people to bring small dogs into little bags/purses

1. “Werewolf School Bus” (see episode for explanation)

Top 5 Underrated Animals to be the Bottom Half of a Human

5.  Megara (Hercules)

4. Capybara

3. Dolphin

2. Snake


Some pics of the show!

So since this was an audio podcast, you wouldn’t have seen the full production of what was happening for the contestants. Here are some sneak peak highlights so you can get an idea of what this show looked like for them!



Music Credit to:

Music: Dex Arson – Round 1* 

Music: Dex Arson – Round 2

Music: Dex Arson – Round 3

Music: Dex Arson & MDK – Resolution

Magical Portal Sounds Fantasy Ambience Sound

Kevin MacLeod: Look Busy

Kevin MacLeod: Adventure Meme

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