Rank stuff and Chill?

The streaming giant that is Netflix has certainly gone through some changes throughout the years. From a simple mail-in video renting service, to streaming your favorite shows and movies, to creating some of the best original content on the small screen; Netflix has certainly made it’s mark in today’s TV show landscape. This week join Tuong La and TV Binge-a-holics Leslie Cserepy, Samantha Leggatt, and Victoria Luloff as they rank the Top 5 Netflix Originals (so far)!

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Ground Rules

  • Nominations can be TV shows, Movies, Mini-Series, Specials, anything that is marked “Netflix Original”
  • not all seasons of the nominated show has to be a “Netflix Original”. However, only the seasons that are are the ones that count

*Spoilers* Below is our Top 5 list from this episode as well as our own personal nominations throughout the episode.

Group Top 5

5. Black Mirror (Seasons 3 & 4)

4. Stranger Things

3. Maniac

2. Big Mouth

1. Bojack Horseman

Tuong’s List

  • Master of None
  • Ozark
  • Bojack Horseman
  • American Vandal
  • Wet Hot American Summer : First Day of Camp
  • Big Mouth
  • Daredevil
  • Punisher
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • Stranger Things


Victoria’s List

  • Big Mouth
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Michael Bolton’s Big Sexy Valentine Special
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • Norsemen
  • Haters Back off
  • Dear White People
  • Gaga Five Foot Two
  • Christmas Prince
  • Daniel Sloss
  • Murderous Affairs


Leslie’s List

  • Bo Burnham’s Make Happy
  • Black Mirror (Season 3 & 4)
  • Love
  • Somebody Feed Phil
  • Last Chance U
  • House of Cards
  • Gerald’s Game
  • The Babysitter
  • Nanette
  • Making a Murderer
  • Wild Wild Country
  • Evil Genius
  • The Characters

Sam’s List

  • Maniac
  • Stranger Things
  • Hilda
  • Glow
  • Dragon Prince
  • Mindhunter
  • Making a Murderer
  • To All the Boys I Loved Before
  • Narcos
  • The Crown
  • Next Gen
  • Final Space
  • F is for Family
  • Queer Eye

BONUS GUEST LIST Axandre Lemours

  • Big Mouth
  • American Vandal
  • Mindhunter
  • Narcos
  • Dear White People

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