Heroes Don’t Do Paperwork

Hosted ByAngus MacDonald and Matthew Whalley

In a world where the vast majority of people have special powers - there are Super Heroes, Super Villains, and a mountain of paperwork after the dust has settled. My name is Angus and I’ve been hired by the Super Human Action Response Team to help navigate the red tape of a super powered world along with my bureaucrat partner Sal. It’s a thankless job but somebody has to do it because Heroes Don’t Do Paperwork.

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EP97 – Fellas Saving Fellas

Angus and Sal break into The Super City Maximum Security Zoo to save their old friend RepTyler (Woody McCadden). But this time it might be the mystical Lizard Carpenter who saves them.

EP96 – That 90’s Show

Angus and Sal are visited by 90’s radical dude Dunkaroos Blockbuster (Rich Hillborn) who gives them the 4-1-1 on what it’s like to be a Dinosaur Person living in Super City. Only 90’s kids will get this episode!

EP95 – Deconstructive Criticism

Angus contemplates moving from vigilante work into professional heroism. Sal brings up The Coil’s Help reviews on the office’s fancy new holo screen.

EP94 – Stop And Smell The Noses

Angus looks after Sal while he recovers from a broken leg. Super City Gravedigger Michigan Morton (Cole Parkin) comes on the show to discuss his long career and recent viral fame.

EP93 – When Chaos Strikes

In Super City the Heroes, Sidekicks, and Professional Victims are on strike! Angus and Sal want the inside scoop so they turn to a pro! Returning Guest Marge O’Donnell (Sarah Conway) returns and uses her expertise as a talent agent and anarchist to fill the guys in.

EP92 – Glued To Our Seats

Angus and Sal have a huge night of activities planned; they just need to take a quick power nap. Meanwhile on the Super City Shopping Channel Zap Thunderthighs and Residual Angst show of a range of super powered products you can buy right now!

EP91 – A Fowl Stream

Angus gets some work done after finally getting some sleep, Sal gets some concerning feedback and the guys are joined by Anthony Hawke aka BirdDude_69 (Meghan Murphy) a streamer in Super City.

EP90 – Rambler’s Anonymous

Sal sets up a stakeout to bust a corrupt hero. Angus tags along, but can he resist the urge to intervene when someone is in trouble?

EP89 – Oh, Bubo, Where Art Thou?

Angus and Sal receive a call from an old frenemy in prison, Bubo (Matt Barrow). What could possibly go wrong though he is safely locked away….