32 – Top 5 Marvel Cinematic Movies (So Far)

The day of Infinity War as finally arrived!

10 years ago Marvel started a revolution for comic book nerds around the world with the very first Iron Man. What followed was the birth of a cinematic universe that has dominated today’s pop culture. Through 18 movies, they have been slowly building the foundation of the biggest comic book event since…well ever. To celebrate this momentous occasion, join Tuong La as he gathers the Infinity Stones with the help of Stenley Philippe, Stephen Peeling, and Glen Barlas as they look back and rank the very best Marvel Movies leading up to Avengers: Infinity War.

Did we get our order all wrong? Did we completely flub up our nominations? Send that and new ideas for Top 5 Lists here – – > ranked@podcavern.com

Ground Rules

  • specifically talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies (no Marvel Netflix, SHIELD, animated shows, etc.)
  • The movie will be judged on the base of how enjoyable it is on it’s own, how important it is to the MCU, it’s villain, how they balance humor, rewatchability, etc.

*Spoilers* Below is our Top 5 list from this episode as well as our own personal nominations throughout the episode.

Group Top 5

5. Thor: Ragnarok

4. Black Panther

3. Captain America: Civil War

2. Guardians of the Galaxy

1.Captain America: Winter Soldier



Tuong’s Nominations

  • Captain America: Winter Soldier
  • Avengers
  • Ant-Man


Stenley’s Nominations

  • Captain America: Civil War
  • Black Panther
  • Doctor Strange


Steve’s Nominations

  • Thor: Ragnarok
  • Spiderman: Homecoming
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II


Glen’s Nominations

  • Iron Man
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron


Honorable Mentions

  • Iron Man 3
  • The Incredible Hulk


….everything else meh


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