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141 – Top 5 Holiday Hotties

Throw on another log to the fire because we are bringing the heat for this year’s Christmas special!

There’s nothing like the holiday season to watch and rewatch our favorite festive shows and movies. What makes the viewing experience even better is that there are certain characters out there that make us blush more red than Santa’s outfit and Rudolph’s nose put together. Before we all knew it, we realized that ‘Christmas Crushes’ is definitely a thing so we might as well do what we do best…and rank it! So join Tuong and Santa’s Elite Squad of Naughty Elves Cassie Pyatt, Justin Otto, and Gillian Manchee as they perform a Christmas miracle and come up with a Top 5 Holiday Hotties list for you all to enjoy!

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E29: Coexisting in periodic environments with Alexa Scott

There are always competitive pressures in nature. Alexa Scott studies how species in competition with each other are affected by environments that have a natural cycle, like the tide or seasons, at the University of Guelph. Katie and Vinny talk about attracting mosquitos and what a supercomputer has to do with the moon’s origin.

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80. Honey ft. Amanda McLoughlin

This week, host Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) chats with special guest Amanda McLoughlin (@shessomickey) about everyone’s favorite sticky treat, honey! We get into honey’s connection to Judaism, the joys of micro-dosing on plant-based allergens, and the ethics of using animal by-products!

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DD60 – Encanto (2021)

Zip down to Colombia with the Dummies to meet the members of the family Madrigal…including the one we don’t talk about. Dance your heart out while it breaks to Surface Pressure, fall in love with Dos Oruguitas, and bust a move to THAT song over and over again in one of Disney’s most colourful, creative, and caring films in recent memory. And remember, listeners – the miracle is you.

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EP73 – Ordo Cautionum

Angus and Sal have found places to live and are really getting into the groove of writing their articles. Guest Cristobal Cross  the 3rd (Josh Mayo) tells the guys about his experiences as a Risk Assessment Officer in Super City.

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E28: Clocking the impacts of circadian rhythms with Cassandra Goldfarb

Our circadian rhythms regulate our lives: how we sleep, when we eat, and our energy levels throughout the day. Cassandra Goldfarb is a PhD student investigating chronotypes in the psychology department of Concordia University. Vinny and Katie share science facts about the Voyager satellites and fish sounds.

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79. 6 Great Food Books for your Holiday Gift-Giving!

This week, host Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) shares book recommendations to help you find the perfect holiday gifts for the Food nerds in your life!

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140 – Top 5 Chill Video Game Songs

Chill out to some of gaming’s best tunes!

We’ve already tackled Top 5 Video Game Theme Songs but the spectrum of what songs in gaming can offer is so much more vast. Today’s episode is inspired by how popular Lo-Fi beats have become (Thanks Lo-Fi Girl!) and so we wanted to bring you some of gaming’s best chilling and relaxing tunes.  So join Tuong and 8-Bit Cool Cats Samantha Leggatt, Spencer Moreland, and Joshua Mayo as they get into their cozy vibes while ranking Top 5 Chill Video Game Songs.

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E27: Working out on cannabis with Christian Cheung

Competitive sport spends a lot of effort to catch athletes who abuse drugs to gain an edge on their competitors. But what about cannabis? It’s legal to consume in Canada but does it help or hinder? Christian Cheung studies the effects of cannabis on the cardiovascular system. Vinny and Katie share science facts about artificial sweeteners and double liquid water.

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